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Shenandoah Woods

Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA, MPS
Tel:  215-322-4481

"Nature is an inexhaustible source of my inspiration.  I aspire to capture the spirit, serenity and beauty of nature in hope that my work will stir an emotional response with viewers of my work.....  It is my quest to focus the viewer on the peaceful meditative spirituality of nature.  In nature, there is a reflection of a divine presence that can quite possibly bring about a healing of the soul" ~~  Sandy Askey-Adams

Sandy is an elected Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, and holds Signature Membership in the Maryland Pastel Society as well.  She is a national, regional and local award-winning artist.  Her work has been featured in the National art magazine, "Pastel Journal," the "Southwest Art magazine," and is featured in several art book publications, including "Artists Homes and Studios,"  "Artists of the Mid-Atlantic," and the"Best of America-Pastel Artists," and "Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists."

She was born in Patton, PA, a country town surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes and streams in a captivating countryside where she first fell in love with nature and the landscape.    Her style is impressionistic-realism.  Sandy works mainly in Pastels, her favorite medium;  and also works in Oils, Watercolours and Acrylics.
She now lives in Bucks County, PA. gaining much inspiration from the beauty of that area.  Having also lived in Massachusetts and New York, as well as explored the Allegheny Forest region, the Poconos, and Shenandoah area in which she discovered some of the most beautiful and spirit-filled landscape and ocean views to be seen.