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Mossy Cave Morning Vista


As a landscape painter, I love the great outdoors, particularly the scenes of the southwestern deserts and coastlines.  Mostly I paint, with pastels in air, as I enjoy being in nature, looking at a beautiful scene, and translating the emotions of what I see onto the paper.  My hope is that I am able to convey in my art, the feelings of joy and tranquility that I experience when painting.
               Since childhood, drawing, coloring and painting have always been my passion.  While Social Work was my major in college, painting continued to be my first love and I completed a minor in Fine Art.  Although my career as a social worker was fulfilling, I always wanted to have more time to paint.  In 2003, I retired from social work and began to apply my love for art, now as a full-time artist.
My work has been exhibited in local and national juried shows throughout the United States.  I have also been honored with a number of awards and recognitions at these venues.  For me, an even greater reward has been enjoying the camaraderie of fellow artists, studying with plein air masters, and the experience of meeting and getting to know the individuals who appreciate and collect my art.

Membership affiliations: Pastel Society of the West Coast, Signature Member- Women Artist of the West, Master Signature Member – Plein Air Painters of New Mexico - Pastel Society of New Mexico-California Art Club, Associate member.

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